Tengger Economic and Technological Development Zone sewage treatment plant put into trial operation

2015-04-24 17:38:09

On April 22, under the guidance of experts, the sewage treatment plant in Tengger Economic and Technological Development Zone was put into trial operation.

In order to completely solve the sewage discharge problem of Tengger enterprises, the development zone, according to the “Tengger Economic and Technological Development Zone Further Strengthening the Comprehensive Environmental Improvement Work Plan” and the supporting sub-plan “Tengger Economic and Technological Development Zone Sewage Treatment Plant Start-up and Operation Plan”, Under the guidance of experts, after nearly 6 months of hard work, the equipment and facilities of the sewage treatment plant were upgraded and transformed to solve various problems existing in the sewage treatment plant.

The sewage treatment plant started construction in July 2008 and was completed in December 2009. The civil engineering was accepted in April 2010, and it was operated by BOT. The sewage treatment plant failed to operate normally due to reasons such as the sewage receiving pipe network and the incompatibility of the reclaimed water reservoir after sewage treatment. In June 2013, Beijing Anguo Waterway Engineering Company carried out process and equipment renovation and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant, and the renovation and maintenance were completed at the end of September. In 2014, Tengger Development Zone implemented the supporting project of the sewage treatment plant. First, it built a reclaimed water temporary storage pool with a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters; second, it built a winter operation insulation project; A 60-kilometer sewage pipe network is laid from Putaodun Industrial Park to Tengger Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant; fourth, a reverse osmosis device is installed.

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