Wastewater Treatment of Tengger Industrial Park Beijing Anguo Water Treatment Cracked the “Hardest Nut”

2015-12-04 17:34:37

According to the news of Anguo Water Treatment on December 4, 2015: on September 6, 2014, environmental pollution problem of Tengger Desert in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has been pushed into the teeth of the storm by a set of visually stunning pictures taken by the Beijing News. Tengger Industrial Park has discharged wastewater directly into the desert without treatment, and let it evaporate naturally, which has caused serious threaten to the ecological environment of desert in this region

The disclosure of this report has attracted great attention from all walks of life: The government made the important directives have been issued, a special inspection team has been set up by the State Council to urge the large-scale rectification of the Tengger industrial Park.

The environment problem of the Tengger region has been drawn the attention of CCTV and other media since the March of 2013. And as the teeth of the storm, sewage treatment plant of Tengger Industrial Park has been funded and built in 2008. However, it has been failed to run normally because of the lack of wastewater treatment technology and unmatched facilities and so on.
Under the background of the chain reaction caused by this issue, Alxa Left Banner Tengger Industrial Park Management Committee has entrusted Beijing Anguo Water Treatment Automation Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Anguo Wastewater Treatment) to upgrade the equipment and technology in the sewage treatment plant.
Adhering to the professional, dedicated and innovative service purposes, under the supervision of Department of ecological environment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Northwest Inspection Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Anguo Wastewater Treatment cooperated with China Urban Construction Design and Research Institute organized experts to sample, analyze and test raw water, and finally determined the perfect equipment and technology upgrading plan, being sure to cracked the hardest nut.

It is reported that this sewage treatment plant renovation project is divided into two parts: sewage treatment section and reclaimed water treatment section, and the project design scale is 5,000 cubic meters per day.

After intense and orderly upgrading and transformation, Anguo Waterway completed the equipment installation and commissioning process of the sewage treatment plant within the specified time limit, and officially entered the operation stage. During the operation period, the equipment ran well and the effluent quality was stable.

On September 21, 2015, the Alxa League Environmental Monitoring Station analyzed the effluent water samples from the water plants in the park and issued a water quality monitoring report showing that the effluent quality reached the national first-class A discharge standard, enabling the utilization of water resources in the development zone to form a sewage-recycled water cycle Use the system.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Department of the Autonomous Region spoke highly of the results of the industrial wastewater treatment in Tengger Industrial Park. On September 22, leaders from the Environmental Protection Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Northwest Inspection Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection visited the wastewater in Tengger Industrial Park. During the field inspection of the treatment plant, Hao Qingwen, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Department of the autonomous region, fully affirmed and praised the commissioning and operation of the sewage treatment plant after the upgrading and transformation.

As a well-known enterprise in China’s water treatment industry and automatic control field, Anguo Waterway relies on advanced industrial sewage treatment experience, ultrafiltration reverse osmosis membrane treatment technology, professional team, and strong quality assurance. Under the leadership of chairman Mr. Liu Fuyong Under the initiative, we have been proactive, pioneering and innovative, successfully solved the problem of sewage discharge in Tengger Industrial Park, won the battle of environmental remediation, improved the comprehensive environment of the park, and realized the recycling of water resources.

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